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Shopping for new eyeglasses is never fun.  I hate spending hundreds of dollars just on a new pair of eyeglasses and all the time it takes driving to so many stores just to compare prices and styles for the best deal.  The thought of ordering a pair online of new prescription eyeglasses had seemed like a tricky venture until after a rep from GlassesShop contacted me if I wanted to review a pair. I didn’t need a new pair of eyeglasses, but my guy did.  Therefore, I was glad to take them up on their offer in exchange for sharing his honest opinion about his new pair.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. ** Methuen Rectangle eyeglasses Methuen Rectangle eyeglasses


GlassesShop has an extensive collection of stylish frames suitable to single len prescriptions, bifocals to sunglasses that are quite inexpensive glasses when you total the frames and lenses, then compare the cost with past purchases.  As a result, my guy had a hard time narrowing his choices because their website also had very attractive frames that would be perfect for his face and prescription.  In the end, he finally selected the Methuen Rectangle in black with gray photochromic (light-adjusting) lenses.  He always gets tinted adjusting lenses whenever he orders new eyeglasses because it’s more convenient than needing to pull out a separate pair of prescription sunglasses when he is driving.

modeling eyeglasses
My guy modeling his new eyeglasses!


All he had to do was send GlassesShop the link to his eyeglass choice along with his prescription that included his PD (pupillary distance).  In about two weeks, his new eyeglasses arrived safely with a plastic eyeglass case and a lense friendly cloth to clean them with.

He was surprised at how extra lightweight they felt once he handled them and went to try them on, but they had just as much quality as his last pair that he bought in person.  He was afraid the prescription might be off buying eyeglasses through the mail, but his vision was not compromised in the least.  The gray tint wasn’t as dark as his last pair, but he liked the view.

Of course, I made him model them. He looked quite handsome in those new cheap eyeglasses.  In fact, this easy ordering experience has convinced me my next pair will come from GlassesShop in the near future.

Now couldn’t be a better time to give GlassesShop a try because you can save 50% off of eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded) when you use my coupon code GSHOT50 at checkout. Why not save yourself money and frustration of buying prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses the old way in person and give GlassesShop a try?

If you can’t function without prescription eyeglasses, then I suggest it’s better to buy two pairs of these GlassesShop online prescription eyeglasses while this sale goes on because accidents happen and you can always break your only pair.


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