How to Extend Wear of Pencil Eyeliner

woman getting eyeliner applied
This beauty knows the value of a little extra step makes to keep her pencil eyeliner lasting indefinitely!


Sometimes, certain brands of eyeliner pencils don’t last nearly as long as you need.  Though as tempted as you might be to toss them, try another brand or just try your hand at a liquid or a gel liner, I have a simple save that will help keep your eyeliner in place without worrying that it will disappear on you through extended hours of wear.

This makeup trick to extend wear of pencil eyeliner works the best if you start once you prime your eyes with a waterproof eyeliner pencil. Using a softer one like a kohl pencil will work and give you more time out of that one too, but the waterproof pencils are the ideal way to go.  What I do is to take an angle eye shadow brush and dip it in a matching color of an eye shadow powder to dust over the line.  This usually gives me a lot more time of making my eyeliner is intact.

When I need to be sure that my eyeliner won’t go anywhere from day through the evening, I go one step further to extend wear of pencil eyeliner.  Do pick up an eyeliner sealant.  Once you paint a bit of this clear product on top, the eyeliner pencil is there to stay.

I hope you try this makeup tip to extend wear of pencil eyeliner when using your eyeliner pencils because you will see an improvement in a lot longer wearing time.



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