A Better Way to Clean Eyeshadow Fallout

A Better Way to Clean Eyeshadow Fallout Eyeshadows
Eyeshadow powders that land up under the eyes can be frustrating to correct–that is until you use this simple trick!


Don’t you hate when you are nearly finished doing your makeup when you notice that you have flecks of eye shadow under your eyes?  Of course, you try repairing it, but often those attempts can make the problem worse. However, I have an easier makeup trick to clean eyeshadow fallout that will save you from starting from scratch that you’re going to love once you try it.

When this sort of eyeshadow mishap happens, I found it helpful to get a makeup sponge to use with my foundation and concealer. What I like to do is to take a makeup sponge and pour a little bit of my foundation and under eye concealer together in the palm of my hand before dipping and dotting the loaded sponge on that spilled section of eye shadow.  This technique simplifies the problem to clean up eyeshadow fallout with the way it covers to hide the mistake.

No joke, this little trick to clean eyeshadow mistakes has saved me a lot of time and not to mention needless irritation from being excessively hard on that delicate under eye skin.  Trust me, but you won’t believe how wonderfully this makeup tip works for covering that fallen eyeshadow and adjusting your concealer until you put it to the test yourself.



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