Mineral Fusion Lip Butters Review + Swatches


 Mineral Fusion Lip Butters
Starting on the left is Mineral Fusion Lip Butters:  Juicy, Delicious, Honeysuckle, Pomegranate, Blackberry and ending with Vine on the right.


I had no idea what a treat my lips had in store until after sampling the Mineral Fusion Lip Butters that arrived among some PR products shared for this review from this vegan brand. If you haven’t gotten around to trying these new additions to this lip product line yet, you will be wanting too because they are a pampering way to safely color and quench your lips with moisture without disappearing on you!

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What I admire and love about Mineral Fusion is how seriously they take health to keep their formulas as pure as possible without risking the consumer to possible chemical toxins.  In keeping with this fine tradition, this new lip butter is free of paraben, phthalate, talc, fragrance and artificial color.

I received six of the eight shades of these slim lip butters that retail for $12.99.  The colors that arrived were Blackberry, Vine, Delicious, Juicy, Honeysuckle, and Pomegranate.  In the tube the colors look darker, but these beauties apply more sheerly like a creamy dream due to all the formula’s cocoa butter, argan oil, cranberry seed oil and shea butter for such comforting, gorgeous wear.  Though it won’t last nearly as long as a stain, your lips will feel and look good for hours without disappointing you.  These lip balms are not matte and do have some nice subtle shine to them.

 Mineral Fusion Lip Butters Swatches
Here are the Lip Butter swatches.   Starting by my wrist on the left is Pomegranate, Honeysuckle, Juicy, Delicious, Vine, and ending with Blackberry on the right.


As to the individual colors, one shade in particular surprised me with how differently the color changed from was I saw in its tube.  This was the Blackberry, which appeared almost black-plum color in the tube.  On Mineral Fusion’s website, they describe this shade as a deep berry.  I found the color transformed from that intense purple darkness to more of a red-pink once swatching it.  Vine is plum red; Delicious is peachy-pink and Juicy is coral-peach with a shimmer.  Honeysuckle is paler, shimmery peach-pink.  Pomegranate is red-plum.

Do stock up on Mineral Fusion’s Lip Butters because once you try them, you really will want more!  Find these lip products at Whole Foods or the company’s website.



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