Volumizing Beauty Balm Mineral Fusion Review


Mineral Fusion Volumizing Beauty Balm for Hair
Mineral Fusion Volumizing Beauty Balm for Hair 


I have a lot of hair.  Therefore, you probably wonder why I ever would be interested in a hair volumizing product. If you are a regular reader, then you know I have curls and layers in my hair and have loved volumizing mousse, texturizing creams and pomade to lift those curls and bring them out in their full glory. This is why I couldn’t resist trying the Mineral Fusion Volumizing Beauty Balm.

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You can use this color-safe product on wet or dry hair.  I preferred to use it as a styler on my slightly damp hair before finishing with my hair dryer.  Still, I also did try this on dry hair that was starting to get wild with frizz one rainy morning.  It also smoothed that problem right away.

Besides being 100% vegan and free of what you don’t want to see in your products like sulfate, gluten, paraben, Mineral Fusion also made sure the formula is biodegradable.  Using plant proteins from a variety of sources such as hydrolyzed barley and soy as well as nourishing plant oils, biotin and panethenol among its natural ingredients, this balm can add some weightless lift to your strands.

What I got to say is this balm helped my curls spring up more but also left it glossier without that overly sticky product feeling.  At the same time, it also gave me some gentle, lasting control.

I don’t know what your own hair is like, but I did like Mineral Fusion Volumizing Beauty Balm for my thick hair with those layers and curls.  If this sounds like your hair styling solution, you can find it at Whole Foods or Mineral Fusion’s website.  Now is the time to pick some up because it is currently on sale from $12.99 to $10.39.  Check it out!

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