Hole In Wall Box Review for February/March 2016


Hole In Wall February/March 2016 box
Hole In Wall February/March 2016


Imagine what it would be like to travel all over and experience a particular city for its unique specialities every other month? Though as exciting as that sounds, who really has all that free time and money it would take to explore and travel like that?  However, I found an easier way to visit different locales and enjoy what they are famous for with a Hole In Wall box.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

This travel subscription box takes a really fun approach to bringing a different city home to you in each box. This subscription does their homework by seeking out the best distinctive products that the locals know only too well by their choices of gourmet treats, homemade snacks, candies, nuts, condiments, sauces, spices to soaps, candles, lotions and lip balms.

Honestly, I was thrilled with what came in my February/March Hole In Wall box because it had a little bit of everything to make me feel that I was there.  Better yet, check out the contents with me.


Hole In Wall Box for February/March 2016



1.  Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards ORANGE Honey Hazelnuts (4 oz.)————$5.99

2.  Herbn’ Farms NW Seattle Salt (1.5 oz.)————————————————$7.00

3.   Fay Farm’s Healing Hemp Lotion (2 oz.)———————————————–$8.00

4.  Jonboy’s Whiskey & Smoked Salt Caramels (4 oz.)——————————–$10.00

5.  Chukar Cherries Dark Chocolate Cherries (2.76 oz.)——————————–$3.99

6.  Boehm’s Candies Milk Chocolate Bar (3.5 oz.)—————————————-$2.95

7.  Moon Valley Organics Herbal Vanilla Lemon Lip Balm (.15 oz.)——————$2.99

8.  Tiny’s Organic Dried Bosc Pears (3 oz.)————————————————-$2.99

Total Value: $43.91!


The Holmquist Orange Honey Hazelnuts were fresh and a delicious change from plain hazelnuts with that infusion of orange flavor.  These yummy treats did not last long.

The Herbn’Farms Seattle Salt is a seasoning blend of lavender, kosher salt, sage, and thyme.  This was really great when I added it to my meatloaf.  I am going to try it on chicken next.

The Fay Farm Hemp Lotion also has some other wonderful healing skin care ingredients such as calendula, comfrey, argan oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, and more.  You can also use it on burns or insect bites. However, I already got to put this product to use when a corner of my pot holder slipped and burned me. This was helpful, indeed, and soothed the sting.

The Jonboy Caramels were chewy and possessed just a hint of something different with that whiskey in their recipe that we also enjoyed.

The Chukar Cherries Dark Chocolate Cherries were excellent.  These are not clear, liquid-filled cherries, but dark chocolate poured over the cherries.  I called dibs on these.

The Boehm’s Candies Milk Chocolate Bar was a huge one that was also fantastic.  It was rich, velvety and devoured before I could get another piece.

The Moon Valley Organics Vanilla Lemon Lip Balm is one that I already tried and like quite well in its yummy taste as well as how it treats dry, chapped lips.

Finally, I found a bag of Tiny’s Organic Dried Bosc Pears in this box.  These were good without any extra sugar for snacking.

Seriously, I really like Hole In Wall’s concept and selection in this box.  For $35 a box plus shipping, this artisan subscription box is a great bargain!


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