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Joseph Nogucci bracelets in the box.jpeg
Joseph Nogucci bracelets as they arrived.

Like any woman, I can never have too many shoes or pieces of jewelry. After all, an attractive piece of jewelry is the easiest way to set off or update any outfit.  Therefore, when the Joseph Nogucci PR reached out and offered to send me some new pieces, I was more than happy to take them up on their kind offer.

I received three stunning beaded bracelets that I instantly fell in love with.  When I explain and show you what these Nogucci creations look like, I am sure that you too will want to explore this jewelry designer’s website for these as well as their other beautiful bracelets, necklaces and timepieces.

modeling three Joseph Nogucci bracelets.jpeg
Here are three stunning Joseph Nogucci beaded bracelets I was gifted with.

The first is their Intuitive Silver Aura Purple Amethyst Bracelet ($35.00) of purple amethyst beads with a center of five stainless balls.  These particular semiprecious stones are said to be colors to bring positive energy to your life through your aura.  I don’t know how well that holds true, but this bracelet has a stretch fit and is quite lovely in itself.

The second one I believe is the Silver Galactic Empire/Blue Sandstone Bead Bracelet ($40.00), but mine has a different charm. This one has nearly black-blue with purple emerging from within each bead along with a sole polished stainless steel ball.  

Last in this lovely gift, I received the Selfless/Gold Aura Red Picasso Jasper Bracelet ($38.00).  The stones are a gorgeous color mix of different red and green shades joined stylishly with five 18K gold finish balls in this final bracelet.  

These bracelets of timeless beauty have simplicity of style do a superb job of dressing up a wrist.  I really liked the quality and construction because I know that I will be happily wearing these season to season.  

If you’re looking for some beautiful new jewelry, I suggest visiting Joseph However, be prepared to linger awhile!


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