Review: Love Goodly Box for February/March 2016


Love Goodly Vegan Lifestyle Subscription Box for February/March 2016
Love Goodly Vegan Lifestyle Subscription Box for February/March 2016


If you’re trying to take a healthier approach with your foods and the products you use in your life, then you also would be drawn to Love Goodly. This bimonthly vegan lifestyle subscription box that I was sent for this review with their Love Goodly February/March 2016 assortment of nontoxic beauty, healthy snacks, wellness products and eco style accessories made a fascinating introduction into taking better care of yourself, family, and the planet as a whole with each box.  Sit back because I can’t wait to tell you more.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

How a Love Goodly subscription works is that you get a wonderful mix of five to seven vegan products such as beauty, food, jewelry, cosmetics as well as health or home related that always will be worth $85 or more per box.  You also get a card with details on each product along with its value.  On the other side, you also get a yummy vegan recipe as an added bonus.  The cost is $39.95 for each box that includes free shipping with a portion going to one of the company’s charity partners, Farm Sanctuary and Cure Cervical Cancer.

Not only is this bimonthly vegan box a great way to familiarize yourself with new vegan brands, but it is also an easier way to shop, especially when you’re gradually easing yourself into a vegan lifestyle. In fact, those products that you love will be ones that can be easily reordered in Love Goodly’s online shop while you also are rewarded with eco-points when purchasing.

I really thought this box had a nice variety.  Let me show you below of what you might expect.

Love Goodly Box for February March 2016 unboxed
Love Goodly February/March 2016 unboxed


Love Goodly Box for February/Mach 2016


1.  Purely Elizabeth Apple Currant Muesli————————————————–$6.00

2.  skinnyskinny Basil & Mint Soap———————————————————$12.00

3.  Cellar Door Tahitian Grapefruit Vanilla Travel Tin———————————–$10.00

4.  LVX & LOVEGOODLY True Love Red Vegan Nail Polish————————-$18.00

5.  May Yeung Infinity Bracelet —————————————————————$40.00


Total Value: $86.00!


The Purely Elizabeth Apple Currant Muesli has apple pieces, currants, oats, quinoa, chia and hemp.  Each sugar free serving of this muesli has five grams of protein and three grams of fiber.  Though you can eat it as a cereal, I preferred eating mine with my Greek yogurt for some extra delicious crunch.

The skinnyskinny Basil & Mint Soap was so luxurious in how it lathered and moisturized the skin with it amazing smelling blends of essential oils and botanicals in its extra-virgin olive oil base.

The Cellar Door Tahitian Grapefruit Vanilla Travel Tin also had a beautiful delicious fragrance once I opened that lid of that pure vegan candle.  I wish the company came out with a perfume or sachet of that same scent to prolong that pretty smell.

The LVX & LOVEGOODLY True Red Vegan Nail Polish is a result of the two companies working together. This product has a gel-like formula and is free of seven toxins.  This is a classic red that you can never get tired of regardless of the time of year.  I just love it!

Finally, I got the May Yeung Infinity Bracelet.  This black adjustable, twine-like bracelet has sterling silver beads and an eternity charm with a value placed on it of $40.00.  The symbol represents life, love and nature.  Though it is a charming, little bracelet, I do think the valued price was a bit steep.

May Yeung Infinity Bracelet
May Yeung Infinity Bracelet


Other than that, I really thought Love Goodly February/March 2016 for this review was a marvelous subscription box.  The April/May box is curated by Alicia Silverstone and appears to have quite a tempting $110 assortment.  Do check this eco friendly subscription box out because it is really a nice one!



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