Review: Pearlesque Box March 2016–My Newest Organic Skin Box Obsession!


Pearlesque Box for March 2016
Pearlesque Box for March 2016 is valued at $82 of  PURE organic skin care!


Beauty subscription box lovers wanting a unique monthly skin care box of pure organic products need to meet Pearlesque Box.  This subscription brings a different selection of the world’s nontoxic, natural beauty home to you so you can feel good about the products that come in contact with your bloodstream.  What attracts me to the concept is you get to sample revitalizing beauty from countries and high quality companies that you might never think of visiting from the convenience of your home like what arrived with the Pearlesque Box March 2016 box.

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Every month the Pearlesque Box will bring you a new region of the globe to share with you. You can also expect a minimum of one or two full-size products and one to three travel sizes, but never will you see samples among their selections.  Just as pleasing is the fact that the products in each box are specifically chosen to work together so that your skin can truly thrive with an ample supply of each to get you through until the next box is sent.  A monthly subscription runs $39.95 with free USA shipping. Other countries can also order, but international shipping rates apply.

Pearlesque Box March 2016 Centered Around Canadian Beauty

The box this month focuses on the beauty in Canada.  All the three of the full-size premium organic products in the Pearlesque Box March 2016 are from Skin Essence Organics.  This company prides its line on using natural ingredients that are powerful enough to rejuvenate cells and feed the capillaries to result in healthier skin.  The only thing that I wished each product featured on the packaging was an expiration date.

The Fresh-Facial Cleanser ($26.99)  is full-size of 4.05 oz. with a pump dispenser. This is a fabulous treat for the face, especially my dry and often sensitive complexion, with how gently this peppermint scented product removed makeup and rinsed it away.  I used about the size of a quarter’s worth and what I noticed was how smooth and soft my face became afterwards.

The next Skin Essence Organics product that was included was the Nourish Facial Moisturizer (Combination/Aging Skin) retailing for $31.99.  This was full-size, (1.01 oz.) bottle with a pump to dispense the serum with.  This moisturizer is a light facial oil with a clean, fresh scent that I just started using, but really like for how it absorbed and hydrated my skin without feeling greasy.  Be sure to shake it first, otherwise, this product does settle and you do want those nourishing extracts and minerals to work to your advantage. Rosehip, neroli, vitamin C are just a few of its beneficial ingredients for stimulating and increasing collagen.

Last but not least, there was the .34 oz. bottle of Skin Essence Organics Ocular Eye Serum ($22.99), full-size.  The product has specific extracts and minerals to target dark circles, reduce puffiness and deal with fine lines.  You also need to give this serum a brisk shake before applying one drop underneath each eye. To get the most out of this serum, you gently massage it into the area for about ten seconds for the deepest absorption.  Again, I haven’t been using these products all that long, but I did try it a few times and noticed it did help my allergic eyes deflate somewhat from their usual morning puffiness, which thrilled me.  I can’t wait to see what else this serum will do the longer I use it for the look of my eyes, but I am already impressed.

With all the beauty products that we use each day can you honestly say that you trust the ingredients that are in all of them?  Consumers these days need to become detectives and read labels carefully if we intend to keep our skin and bodies healthy from flooding them with chemicals that could possibly harm us.  With a Pearlesque Box subscription, you can take the worry out of that equation!

Honestly, I am a fan of the quality and $82.00 value of this Pearlesque Box. The deadline to sign up for this Canada beauty box is March 5 so hurry to get this month’s selection. In fact, If you enter my coupon code, NUTS15 at checkout, you will save 15% off of your first box.  This coupon only applies to signing up for a subscription, not a gift box.

If you feel the same way about preserving the health of your skin and body, then do yourself a favor and subscribe to Pearlesque Box!



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