StriVectin Color Care Hair System Review


StriVectin Color Care Hair System
StriVectin’s NEW Color Care Hair System


The only way to keep a hair coloring intact is with color-safe hair products that are designed specifically not to strip that newly deposited color.  Without taking any such precautions, the time that you get out of a hair coloring hardly will last as long as you like.  Therefore, when PR asked what variety of their new hair care line that I wanted to try, I went with their StriVectin Color Care Hair System since my hair was recently colored.

The StriVectin Color Care Hair System consists of a Color Care Shampoo ($23), Conditioner ($23), Color Care UV Protective Spray ($29), and Color Care Instant Vibrancy Boost ($27).  All the products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalate, phosphates, and synthetic dyes to make it as gentle for those vulnerable strands as possible.

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These StriVectin shampoo and conditioners have their specialized NIA-114 and Chromalast Protein Complex for safeguarding color by minimizing fading and protecting against sun damage with UV protection. This duo has a wonderful floral scent besides being rich and luxurious once I washed and conditioned.

The next step after shampooing and conditioning involves using the Color Care Vibrancy Boost, which is the once or twice weekly treatment.  This is deeper conditioning hair help that you leave in for a few minutes before rinsing out.

As to the final step, StriVectin has their Color Care UV Protective Spray.  This product has the same NIA-144 technology along with a Multi-Shield Antioxidant Complex for protecting against the sun’s rays and strengthening the hair.  I used this spray once to partially dried hair before finishing my styling.

What I noticed was that my hair did appear brighter and even shined a bit more than it did originally.  My hair also had a somewhat softer feel to it when I stroked it, which was also nice.

I really liked StriVectin Color Care Hair System.  You can find it at Sephora through this link.  Check it out!



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