Rimmel 24HR Super Curler Mascara Review


Rimmel 24HR Super Curler Mascara in package
Rimmel 24 HR Super Curler Mascara 


It’s great to see that Rimmel London keeps constantly expanding their line.  When shopping, one product that may have caught your eye lately is another new mascara released several months ago.  This one is the 24HR Super Curler Mascara that was among the products PR sent along.

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The  24HR Super Curler Mascara  is meant to curl, volumize and hold the curling effect for up to 24-hours according to the packaging due to a special new polymer.  Yet, who wears mascara for that much time to say if that statement is accurate or not? However, I can tell you how it worked for me.

For starters, you are going to love this curved brush because of how well it takes hold of lashes effortlessly to lift them, even if they are short like mine.  The formula also has a decent middle ground texture that makes it easier to use since it not too wet or dry of a
mascara to complicate application.

Rimmel's 24HR Super Curler mascara showing brush.
Rimmel’s Super Curler 24HR Mascara and brush


The look was natural and opened up my eyes more than I anticipated with one coat. I could have applied a second coat, but I was happy with what I was seeing for a daytime look to go through the extra trouble.  No flaking or major smudging to report from morning until late afternoon when I wanted to take it off, but I did notice that beautiful raised effect did droop after a while.

Therefore, I decided to curl my lashes first before applying this mascara the next day.  What happened was my curl was stronger and held on longer until I finally took it off later that afternoon. Using my regular eye makeup remover, it came off easily.

I also tried another time applying an additional coat after curling my lashes.  What I recommend is making sure to keep pushing the lashes back with the brush first, regardless if you curled them or not, before sweeping this mascara on.  This seems to help intensify the curling effect.

You might want to try this Rimmel 24HR Super Curler Mascara and use it both ways to see the method that works best for you, but do look for it because it’s nice mascara.


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    March 27, 2016 / 12:02 am

    Rimmel London has wonderful mascara. I have not tried this one as of yet, but I do use most of their other mascaras. I find them best for my lashes.twinkle at optonline dot net

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