Rimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Palettes (Coral Glow, Golden Bronze) Review + Swatches


Rimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Palettes
Rimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Palettes


When you use light and shadow on a face, you can become an artist to reshape the structure of your features.  Depending on what you want to change on your own face, focusing light to spots can carve out cheekbones on a face while a few strokes of darker shadow can hollow out width where there was none before or help shorten, lengthen or adjust the look of a nose are just some ways highlighting and contouring can correct what nature has given us to work with.  Therefore, I wanted to give Rimmel’s new Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Palettes a try.

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There are three shades available of the Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Palettes: Golden Sands (the palest), Coral Glow (medium), and Golden Bronze (darkest).  However, I chose the two darkest choices over the palest color to review, which you may think is odd considering that I am on the fair side.

When I saw the Golden Sands, it appeared too light to do my complexion much good.  On the other hand, the Coral Glow and the Golden Bronze had more vivid tones with the soft shimmer champagne highlight, the contour shade and the blush.

Both the Coral Glow and Golden Bronze were perfect for my complexion, which is in between fair and light with warm undertones, depending on the brand.  Personally, I liked the softness of the Coral Glow compact even more because the contour was a paler, gentler brown for the most natural shadowing of my cheeks and the blush had a fresh, warmth to its pink-peach color.

 Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Palettes Swatches
On the left is the Coral Glow swatches with the Golden Bronze shades on the right.


If you’re skin is paler and whiter than that, I think the Coral Glow would be ideal for you over that Golden Sands compact, which I think would even be too pale for your needs as well.  You could probably even go with the Golden Bronze and just dust on less because these colors go on rather sheer.

My advice is if you want to experiment with some inexpensive facial reshaping, then stop by your drugstore or wherever you buy Rimmel and check those two Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Palettes out.



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