Taste Club From Eat Feed Love Subscription Box Review for March 2016 + 50% Coupon!

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Taste Club Box for March 2016.jpeg
Taste Club March 2016 Box

An interesting food box is Eat Feed Love’s Taste Club monthly subscription box that I was sent to experience for March. Each assortment will satisfy those demanding gourmets that lust over new tastes with their artisan products from around the world and recipes to increase their epicurean delights. 

Besides coming in handy for entertaining and those dinner parties, you also feel good knowing one charity is selected every month to benefit from part of your $39.95 per box subscription cost that also includes free United States shipping. This month the charity of choice is the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

All the products that arrived in this box were carefully wrapped, which was nice to see since there were glass bottles and jars.  This preventive measure kept everything intact and safe.  As to what culinary delights you might expect that were inside, here is what was in my March box that was focused on items revolving around an Irish theme for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Taste Club for March 2016 unboxed.jpeg
Taste Club March 2016, unboxed

Taste Club Box for March 2016

1.  Mt. Rose Drinks Bloody Mary Classic Mixer (1 qt.)————————————–$7.99

2.  Wilder Horseradish Mustard (4 oz.)———————————————————$10.00

3.  Righteous Felon Craft Jerky Beef Jerky O.G. Hickory (2 oz.)———————-$10.00

4.  Bob’s Red Mill Caraway Seeds (8 oz.)—————————————————–$4.39

5.  Spice Station Arrowroot tin (no specified size)——————————————–$1.50

6.  Laguna Salt Company Malted Vinegar Sea Salt (1.5 oz.)—————————–$6.95

Total Approximate Value: $40.83

Though the Mt. Rose Drinks Bloody Mary Mixer is intended for vodka, I prefer drinking this with a teaspoon of hot sauce and another of apple cider vinegar to a glass.  This is an especially comforting drink if you get a scratchy throat for soothing the irritation or to relieve a cough.  

The Wilder Horseradish Mustard was exactly my type of mustard since I am a fan of the zesty and hot.  This was excellent spread on my cheese sandwich yesterday with some finely chopped onion when I sampled it.  

The Righteous Felon Craft Beef Jerky O.G. Hickory flavor has just the right amount of smoky flavor to its seasonings that give it a special boost.  It also has no added nitrates or gluten. 

Bob’s Red Mill Caraway Seeds is what I’m planning on using later today to bake the Irish Soda Bread recipe that came in this box.  I also will be using some of the Laguna Salt Company Malted Vinegar Salt as well in this bread.

The Spice Station Arrowroot is a thickening product like cornstarch or flour, only it gives whatever you are making more shine.  I also tried this when I made my mushroom gravy and liked it.  It has a slightly different taste to it.

If you are a true “foodie” in search of the next best taste, I can honestly say that you won’t be disappointed in Eat Feed Love’s Taste Club Subscription Box.  I know that I can’t wait to see what food pleasures their food experts have in mind for the April Box.  Check their website out!

Here’s a great way to get started.  When you sign up for the Taste Club month to month subscription box plan, use coupon code NUTS4STUFF and you will save 50% on your first box! 

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