How to Make Your Own DIY Luminous Foundation

Blonde with luminous skin Pixabay image
This beauty knows how to look younger through makeup.  Do you?


Ultrarefined light-reflecting particles in illuminating foundations, tinted moisturizers and primers have the power to distract the eye from fine lines and wrinkles through their soft play of light on a face. However, if you don’t have a luminous foundation on hand and want to benefit or see the difference from your regular foundation on those telltale signs of age, then you are going to love what I have to share with you.  This easy makeup tip to make your own DIY Luminous Foundation will help turn any average foundation that you have into an illuminating formula.

To make your own DIY Luminous Foundation is easier than you may realize.  All needed is some liquid shimmer or highlighting product and that foundation that you want to improve upon.  I don’t recommend dumping directly into your foundation but instead suggest pouring a little of that liquid shimmer to a few drops of foundation before blending together in the palm of your hand and applying as usual.  If what you mixed is not enough to do your entire face, then experiment until you find the amount that works best for you.

Just remember, the purpose of foundation is to even out your skin tone and help correct the flaws.  By using less of it, you also reduce your likelihood of that foundation settling into those bad spots while beautifully casting your face with some soft becoming light.

I do hope that you try this little makeup tip to make your own DIY Luminous Foundation because it will help your face out in a pinch until you can invest in a bottle of luminous formula foundation!



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