A Helpful Tip for Mastering Liquid Eyeliner

makeup artist using liquid eyeliner on woman
This skilled beauty knows how to achieve liquid eyeliner allure.



Liquid eyeliner takes a steady hand and a certain technique if you want to get your line on just right.  If you’re just starting to experiment with this form of eyeliner or your hand might shake a bit, then I hope that you try this eyeliner tip.  Using this simple technique will help you gain more control until you get the hang of it for better results.

The first step to achieve that perfect line when using liquid eyeliner may surprise you.  What I suggest is taking a pencil eyeliner and lining your lid first.  Be sure to stay as close to your lash line as possible. Think of it as setting a pattern that you will then trace over with your liquid eyeliner.

Another tip that can help even further is starting with a liquid eyeliner that will give you the best control. Formula is important, but you also should check the product’s design with the shape of the brush and length of the handle.  In this case, the ideal liner that you want is one with a tinier, tapered brush and a shorter handle for easier, closer work than those longer, handled ones.

I hope that you try this eyeliner makeup tip because it will get you more comfortable and satisfied with the look of your eyes.  This extends to whether you like your line thick or thin.


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