How to Get the Most for Skin From a Vitamin C Serum

Woman With Beautiful Skin Illustrating How to Get the Most for Skin From Vitamin C Serums
This beauty knows how to take proper care of her skin whether indoors or out.


When it comes to helping the skin defend itself from free radicals, you can’t do much better than turning to  a topical vitamin C serum.  After all, their main purpose is to guard against further sun damage, not nudging fresh collagen to the surface of the skin.  This is especially critical for those suffering from excessive sun damage to preserve the integrity of the skin.

However, there are some important things that you should keep in mind if you want to get the most effective vitamin C serum.  Look for at least 10 percent of active vitamin C for the most beneficial product.

Avoid clear containers and look for those formulas of vitamin C serums packaged in fairly opaque bottles.  Keeping light from entering through the bottle is essential.  Otherwise, the formula can be exposed and start to  break down.  If you store your bottle in a location where direct sunlight falls on it, the formula will deteriorate rapidly and lose 90% of its potency.

Another thing that you should look for is checking how low the pH level is.  Try finding a vitamin C serum that is in the range of pH 2 or 3 to keep your skin at its healthiest.

Often we have been told that it’s fine to layer a vitamin C serum with our moisturizer or sunscreen.   While this is true, it is just not advisable to use any skin care product with topical vitamin A (retinol) or any skin care with alpha hydroxy acids with that vitamin C serum.  The reason is together their combined active ingredients can be too much for the skin to handle.   Instead of helping beautiful your complexion, you could be setting up your skin for a new trouble with skin eruptions.

Here’s hoping that what you learn here about vitamin C serums will help keep your skin as gorgeous as ever!



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