How to Make Scented Body Lotion That Shimmers

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You’ll love how easy it is to customize your own luminous, scented body lotion once you the secret!


Lavishing ourselves with a luxurious, scented body lotion serves many purposes to help us feel beautiful. The right body lotion can soothe dry skin with ample drops of rich moisture to keep us soft as well as dress us in whatever enticing fragrance we chose to wear. As a result, our moods lift and our confidence increases with velvet-smooth skin while a sheer trail of scent follows us like an enchanted admirer as we move.  At the same time, those favorite fragrances that make us feel this way can be costly. However, I am going to show you how to save money and customize your own luminous body lotion using your favorite scent with this easy way to make your own scented body lotion that shimmers.

You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to Make Scented Body Lotion 

All you need to buy is a bottle of unscented body lotion to use as your base.  This is the first step to make scented body lotion.  It can be one that you pick up at the drugstore and doesn’t have to be any special brand.

What I do is add several drops of perfume, not cologne or eau de toilette to the bottle that I am trying to reproduce into a matching scented lotion.  I use perfume since it works the best, being the most concentrated form.  After you lock it up, give the mix a shake.  Open the bottle up, and sniff for potency. Add a few more drops, if you didn’t get the scent strong enough.

By the way, you can use your favorite essential oil like lavender or coconut to your unscented body lotion instead of perfume.  A few drops of lavender essential oil for instance makes a relaxing fragrant lotion that also has an aromatherapy advantage if you apply before bedtime.

The Final Step Is to Add a Luminous Glow to Make Scented Body Lotion 

The last step is turning that new scented body lotion into one that will give your skin a soft glow.  For this, you need to use a liquid or cream shimmer product or luminizer.  The important thing is sticking with a subtle shimmer over any that are overly iridescent for the prettiest natural gleam once it meets up with your skin. Squeeze a bit out from that luminizer tube or pour some from the bottle into your scented lotion.  Close the cap and give your lotion a brisk shake again before testing it out on your skin somewhere.  You’ll know that you got the proportions right when you see how your new lotion shows off your body and muscle tone with a flattering, sexy gleam!


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