How to Look Fresher Instead of Overly Matte When Using Loose Face Powder!

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Using the correct brush is the key.  

Whenever you think of using loose face powder, your first thought always runs to grabbing a big, fluffy powder brush to apply it with.  However, it can have a tendency to leave the skin overly matte looking and dry by delivering too much powder as you dust it on.   Therefore, you may be wondering what else can you do than keep dusting more off?

A better choice is to change the size of the brush.  Instead of that bigger powder brush, I suggest trying using a blush brush.   The smaller size brush won’t load nearly as much powder, especially if you concentrate on places in need of it the most like your T-zone and chin, perhaps.  You’ll have enough left to run that brush over your cheeks and eyelids and in the end, your application will look fresher while still doing the same thing.  

I hope that you try this makeup tip because you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much prettier and dewier your finished complexion will look if you don’t coat it with as much powder as you did.  You got my word on it.  


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  1. Jess
    April 27, 2016 / 2:20 am

    So that is it! I thought that using a big brush is a good choice for loose face powder. Now I know. Thanks for sharing.

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