Kawaii Box February 2016 Review


Kawaii Box February 2016
Kawaii Box February 2016 

Those with children would especially be drawn to the Kawaii Box if they don’t mind waiting such as the February 2016 one that arrived for this review.   This Asian subscription box, full of 11 cute Japanese and Korean kawaii items, took a month to make it from Singapore to my place in the United States. Unfortunately, this particular box with its adorable assortment of plush toys, stationary, and cookies did not hold up well to its long journey.  It was badly tattered with the white Moomin plushie toy partially exposed through a gaping hole in the box.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Kawaii Box offers a variety of subscription plans starting at $19.80 a month with free worldwide shipping with a recurring one month plan to the cheapest option of a one year plan for $17.90 a month with free worldwide shipping. Each box will have between 10-12 kawaii items.

If you’re curious what you might expect, take a peek at the contents of my box below.


Kawaii Box for February 2016

1.   Korean DIY Stitch Keychain
2.   Moomin mini plushie
3.   Neko Sticker Sheet
4.   DIY Bead Bracelet Set
5.   Lucky Baby Sheep Pet Ink Pen
6.   Bourbon Petit Green Tea Flavored Cookies
7.   Funny Forest Pop-Up Greeting Card
8.   Kawaii Mini Pouch
9.   Cute Bunny Paperclips
10. Taiyaki Crepe Charm
11.  Korean DIY Magic Balloon Set


The Korean DIY Stitch Keychain is a heart-shaped embroidery project to finish before using.

The Moomin plushie is a white stuffed animal that reminds me of a baby rhino.

Neko Sticker Sheet is food-related cuteness of stickers.

The DIY Bead Bracelet Set is tiny plastic shapes ready to bead.  It would be advisable to have a parent watch over an older child while they are stringing the beads.  These shapes are so small that any young child could possibly swallow and choke on them.

The Lucky Baby Sheep Pet is a stick pen with a baby sheep head design at the top.

The Bourbon Petit Green Tea Flavored Cookies are tiny round, crisp cookies with green tea and chocolate chips that tasted good.

The Funny Forest Greeting Card is one to send along to someone that needs a smile.

The Kawaii Mini Pouch is something a child would like to carry to play house or store their special little things in.

There was a package of Cute Bunny Paperclips that had little standing smiling bunnies at the top.

The Taiyaki Crepe Charm is a fish-shaped ornament with a removable strap that can be attached to your mobile phone, if you want to be different.

If cute little Japanese-Korean items make your day, you can find more information and subscribe to a Kawaii Box subscription at their website.




  1. Brenda
    April 5, 2016 / 11:12 pm

    That looks like a nice variety of products my kids would enjoy. Too bad there was some damage to the packaging, and that is a long time for the product to arrive.

  2. Ana Brown
    April 7, 2016 / 3:35 am

    Wow! Kids will def love these. So tempting for kids. Wait till I say this to my daughter.

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