Pur Minerals Au Naturel Eye Shadow Palette Review + Swatches–What a Way to Get Positively Beautiful!

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Pur Minerals Au Naturel Eye Shadow Palette, opened.jpeg
Pur Minerals Au Naturel Eye Shadow Palette

As a fan of natural-looking makeup, I can’t resist beautiful neutral shades of eye shadow for enhancing my eyes with realistic, instead of obvious color.  I want people to notice me, not my makeup like what I just discovered is beautifully possible with Pur Minerals Au Naturel Eye Shadow Palette that PR kindly provided. This set has six gorgeous, but subtle shimmer shades that would easily work for everyone, regardless of age or coloring!

This cardboard palette has a mirror, a ribbon closure, and features an enclosed eye shadow brush.  Inside, it  is sectioned off with three Glowing Days shades that include: Sincere (warm medium brown), Devoted (light, cool brown)  and True (off-white). The trio of Smoldering Nights colors consists of the following: Indulge (cool, dark brown), Radiant (copper) and Loyal (soft matte beige).

swatches of Pur Minerals Au Naturel Eye Shadow Palette.jpeg
Starting on the left  and working to the right is True, Sincere, Devoted, Loyal, Indulge, and ending with Radiant by my wrist.

The texture of these eye shadows is silky and buttery-smooth.  They blended wonderfully and stayed true all day on my primed eyes without creasing.  I do recommend priming first, otherwise, your wearing time won’t be nearly as long before you might need to repair after a few hours.

What I find appealing is this basic eye shadow palette of fabulous nude shades are touched with varying degrees of radiance from a gleaming shimmer to semi-gleam with some satin-finish shades to the one matte that really can help polish up the look of your eyes.  

My only gripe with Pur Minerals Au Naturel Eye Shadow Palette ($29) has nothing to do with the cosmetics but only with the company’s decision to use a satin ribbon tie over a traditional locking closure.  I don’t know about you, but give me a normal locking closure over a fancy bow anytime.  Other than, I truly loved it.  If you’re looking for a new neutral eye shadow palette, do check Pur Minerals Au Naturel Eye Shadow Palette! 


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  1. Brenda
    April 8, 2016 / 2:10 am

    Looks like a nice product. That is interesting that they used a ribbon to close it. As someone that wears glasses and can't see while putting on makeup, I would just have to always leave the case open. The colors do seem interesting though. I've never tried wearing those shades.

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