Pur Minerals Brushes Review–Perfecting Body, Contour Blending and Blurring Powder Brushes

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Pur Minerals Contour Blending Brush.jpeg
Pur Minerals Contour Blending Brush

We all know the value of having the right makeup brushes to use with different products to gain a more polished application. Depending on your needs, you can accumulate quite a few in your search for ones that will please you in the job they do and their quality goes.  Recently, PR sent me three of the Pur Minerals synthetic haired brushes to review, which I was thrilled to try since I had never sampled any of their brushes before these showed up.  

The first one I want to tell you about is their Perfecting Body Brush ($32).  This is a short, but stocky guy that is abundant with a head of super thick, soft bristles.  You can use this brush for anything from foundation, bronzer, blush or a sweep of highlighting to the face or shoulders.  I especially liked how it shortened the task and distributed the bronzer I was using.

Pur Minerals Perfecting Body Brush.jpeg
Pur Minerals Perfecting Body Brush

The Contour Blending Brush ($24) is also one that I liked a lot. This is a handy flat-topped one to have for working with powders, creams or liquids that I’ll use frequently.  I tried this when sculpting my cheeks with contour powder and liked how it performed.  Another time, I used it for smoothing over my foundation and it looked very nice.

The last is the Blurring Powder Brush ($24).  This is a tapered brush for using with blush, bronzer and highlighting powders.  This brush was just all right and nothing special in my opinion. I thought it could have had more bristles for picking up color from blush and bronzer, but I consider it better for more controlled applications such as applying the highlight instead.

Pur Minerals Blurring Powder Brush.jpeg
Pur Minerals Blurring Powder Brush

Overall though, I liked my first experience with Pur Minerals makeup brushes and wouldn’t mind trying more like that five piece Pur Pro Tools set.  What are your thoughts?  Have you tried any of these brushes? Check them out.


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