Finding the Best Nude Lip Colors for Skin Tone

Finding the Best Nude Lip Colors for Skin Tone Lipsticks
With so many hues of nude colors to choose from, it can be confusing finding the perfect shade–but this tip makes it easier!


Nude lip colors can be so flattering and perfect when you want to play up one feature in particular like when doing a smokey eye to keep your face in balance.  Otherwise, your makeup could look too harsh and overdone.  At the same time, you need the most complimentary shades of nude lip colors suited to your skin tone or risk looking washed out.  What I want to share with you are a few valuable makeup tips that can help you take the guesswork of out finding the best nude lip colors for skin tone.

If you intend to rock those nude lips, a  good rule of thumb that won’t let you down goes like this.  If you’re a blonde or redhead with porcelain-skin or even a fair-complected brunette you might want to stick with nudes that have some peach color to them.  That bit of orange in the shade will perk up the paleness of your complexion in a striking way for the best nude lip colors for skin tone.

On the other hand, if you are a brunette with some yellow or olive tones in your skin, then warm pink nude shades are ones that would suit your coloring the most.  These are the best nude lip colors for skin tone with the healthy boost of warmth they can offer.

If you have a dark complexion, try experimenting with mocha tones and you’ll love what these choices of nude shades can do for your face.  Those different tones of beiges and browns are best nude lip color for skin tone that can give your complexion more impact and sexiness.

Ever since my makeup artist friend shared this makeup tip years ago with me, I have had better luck bringing the right nude lip colors home. However, if you’re like me and have some expensive nude lipsticks that you don’t want to toss and wish that you can use again, I have another nude lip transformation tip to help.  I hope that you will find her suggestions just as valuable as I did to solve what can be confusing when faced with all those nude lip color choices.


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