What to Consider When Deciding on a Mascara Wand for the Best Results!

If you haven’t been pleased with one mascara after another, you may be blaming the formulation when the problem might have more to do with the product’s brush itself.  What I’m about to show you with what to look for when studying that mascara package or while viewing one at the cosmetics counter will definitely improve your odds of mascara happiness.

opened eyeshadow compact and mascara showing wand.jpeg
Your wand type can matter when it comes to mascara satisfaction.

The best advice to avoid clumping that  I have picked is making sure the wand doesn’t have bristles that are stuck too closely together.  You need a little space between the bristles to deliver more even coverage.  

A wand that has with too widely spaced bristles makes it hard to get enough of that mascara on your lashes due to that design.     

According to my makeup artist friend, the ideal brush that you should be looking for should be no more than a half-inch wide.  Further, if you want an ideal wand for maneuvering for catching every lash when working on your eyes, then stick with a straight one.  The curved variety will limit your coverage.


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