Fuego Box May 2016 Review


Fuego Box May 2016
Fuego Box May 2016 


If you ask me, nothing perks up some dishes more than an excellent hot sauce.  The amount of flavor multiplies beyond expectations through what a well-thought out blend of spices and flaming peppers can add.  As you probably have guessed, I am passionate about the stuff and Fuego Box because this subscription box knows how to scout out the most extraordinary, artisan hot sauces from all across the country in each monthly box like the Fuego Box May 2016 assortment.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

You might think how could anyone get so excited over hot sauces when you can buy them locally.  Sure, you can find some big brands along with a few others, but your options are limited, not to mention experiencing the constantly evolving variety that Fuego puts out.

You may think that I’m going overboard with my love of Fuego Box, but I assure that I am not.  Honestly, anyone that loves that hot and spicy taste really would appreciate a subscription like this that brings three of the most uncommon hot sauces home to you for just $29.95 per quarter with free shipping or $12.95 for one month with a $5.00 shipping charge if you want just one box at a time.  A card with details on each product and suggestions on the best ways to enjoy that particular hot sauce also is standard.

Hot and spicy afficionados, listen up, because here is what May 2016 Fuego Box has in store.

The Bronx Green Market Hot Sauce is a nippy, but won’t burn your tongue off blend of serrano peppers, garlic, onions and apple cider vinegar well suited to any foods that you normally add hot sauce to.  Do try some of this green hot sauce in tuna salad because it is really good.

The Isabel Street Heat Fatalii Hot Sauce is fermented and uses a type of pepper called fatalii pepper that has a twist of citrus flavor, which I never tasted until being introduced to it through Fuego Box.  This is a scorching sauce reinforced with orange and lemon juice along with garlic, onion and some awesome spices to give it a flaming deliciousness that is memorable.  Add some of this Fatalii to nachos in your cheese sauce for dunking and you will really love it.  Just be careful that you don’t pour too much because this stuff is devilishly hot.  You can always pour in more like I did because you want to feel your tongue.  Tomorrow, I will be experimenting with this on pizza.

The final sauce this month was Jersey Barnfire’s Black Garlic Hot Sauce, which happened to be the 2015 Screaming MiMi Award winner!  This dark sauce is a versatile one that has a bit of smokey sweetness for a nice balance to roasted peppers and black garlic that are so appealing.  I had this for the first time on scrambled eggs and it was fantastic.  You can also use this hot sauce in marinades to enhancing barbecue sauces as well as meats, eggs, fish, rice, and vegetables.

In my opinion, May 2016 was one of the best Fuego Box assortments yet.  With all seriousness, if you’re still debating what to buy Dad this Father’s Day, then I have your problem solved with a Fuego Box Hot Sauce subscription so Dad can spice up his snacks when he watches his games!




  1. Barbara W.
    May 22, 2016 / 10:22 am

    My dad isn't a hot sauce fan but my son puts it on everything. Everything. You just helped me find one of his Christmas gifts! Thank you.

  2. Mary Balandiat (Nuts 4 Stuff)
    May 22, 2016 / 12:48 pm

    Honestly, this is one of my favorite subscription boxes. Your son will just love it because you can't buy these hot sauces at your local grocery store. Before Fuego, I never knew that had so many exciting varieties. Now I am spoiled.

  3. Cheryl
    May 23, 2016 / 5:31 am

    These really do sound firey hot.

  4. Mary Balandiat (Nuts 4 Stuff)
    May 23, 2016 / 11:47 am

    Hi Cheryl,Some varieties are hotter than others and really do taste different. You just got to be careful on how much you pour out or shake until you sample it first.

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