How to Fake More Hair in a Thinning Head

How to Fake More Hair in a Thinning Head Pixabay Image
This beauty doesn’t need to worry about her thin hair now that she found a better solution.


If you’re looking for some better ways to style thin hair, I have some suggestions that you might want to try. Though I don’t have thin hair, I have a friend that does that recently underwent an amazing transformation after her last visit to the hair salon.  Here are some helpful tips that she wanted me to share with anyone else that may have the same problem of what to do with thin hair.

Trust the advice of your stylist about the length of your hair.  The longer your hair is, the more it pulls the strands down, only to make a thinning hair problem worse.  You probably should consider a new cut.

Unable to go through such a drastic change of going from long to shorter hair, then you always might try faking more hair by wearing a loose ponytail and securing it by wrapping some of own hair around where it was gathered.  This method won’t cause as much friction to the hair, but will appear to create an illusion of more hair.

Hair that is mid to short length can benefit by a layered style without a definite part, but a crooked one. With volumizing mousse, you can puff out the hair randomly to produce the trick of more hair.

A wonderful option might be an angled bob with a deep side part. By angling longer sides downward below the chin, the style can distract the eye from above where hair may be the thinnest to concentrate on a face instead.  This is the style that my friend settled on after years of long hair that worked beautifully for volumizing.

You might also want to experiment more with headbands.  They can bring a lot of beauty to a style while covering a thinning part.  Floral and jeweled headbands are big this Spring 2016 season so you might want to look into getting some.

Finally, what can help thin hair that also suffers from excessive oiliness is by shampooing daily.  You won’t be stripping out essential oils from your scalp to ruin your hair as you may have been lead to believe. On the contrary, you will be removing some of those oils that are making the hair flat.  After shampooing, you will be fluffing the hair up to boost the impression of more hair.

For more thinning hair solutions, you might want to read my earlier post.

I hope that you give these style tips for thinning hair a try because they truly made a difference for my friend. I do think what she discovered can help you too.



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  1. Jules
    May 11, 2016 / 3:40 am

    Great tips! I have thin hair and I am really having problems on how to make it look full/thick. These tips will be noted and done!

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