How to Make Your Own DIY Hair Smoothing Creme

How to Make Your Own DIY Hair Smoothing Creme Woman Happy With Her Hair
This beauty is all smiles now that she knows this simple trick.


In case you ever went to grab your smoothing creme and discovered you forgot to restock, I have the perfect hair save for you.  The problem is easily solved when I show you how to make your own DIY Hair Smoothing Creme.

You can use this DIY Hair Smoothing Creme on slightly damp hair or on dry hair when you need some extra taming for frizz or to freshen up your style with soft hold instead of relying on finishing or hair spray.  What I do is mix small equal amounts of an instant hair conditioner with styling gel in the palm of my hand. After I mix it up a bit, I apply it to my slightly damp hair and finish styling using my hair dryer and round brushes, tugging the hair down as I go.

The hair will be straighter and possess great gloss with gentle hold just like your commercial smoothing creme.  The great thing about this improvised DIY hair smoothing creme is that it will do what you need while moisturizing the hair without stiffness of gel.



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