How to Salvage a Dry Water-Based Foundation Or Make an Oil-Based One Less Oily


How to Salvage a Drying Water-Based Foundation Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
This trick can be a great save!


There was a time when my complexion was more oily than it is now. Being so, I eventually gravitated toward water-based foundations to best keep the shine away over the oil-based ones that only made the problem worse to cause breakouts. This meant I always kept several bottles of foundation in my makeup bag before I later learned how to avoid buying a skin oxidizing foundation. With how expensive some of our foundations can be, I picked up a trick on how to salvage a dry foundation from a classmate in college that saved me from tossing out a water-based liquid foundation that had started to clump.

You won’t believe the ease of rehydrating that cakey makeup.  What she recommended was to add a few drops of an alcohol-free toner, then briskly shaking the foundation.  This was all it took to get my drying foundation back to a useable state!

The best way to start this foundation fix is by taking a gradual approach. What I suggest is adding one drop of the alcohol-free toner at a time to your bottle, shake and then test.  After all, you can always add more.

More surprisingly was what I discovered when I tried this trick in an oil-based foundation because it also helped. There was no clumping problem, but what that little bit of alcohol-free toner did that I dropped in the same way was to sheer out the formula and cut some of its oil so I could wear it again.

You also might be interested in a quick way to adjust liquid foundation.  This is useful to customize the type of coverage you need without buying additional products.

I hope you try this little makeup trick to salvage a dry foundation because I promise that you’re going to like it!



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