How to Solve the Mascara Clumping Problem!

woman wearing unclumped mascara.jpeg
This beauty has mastered the trick of working with mascara with her perfect application.

I have no patience when it comes to a mascara formula that constantly keeps clumping. Though you want to just discard it, cosmetics can be expensive. Therefore, I found a trick to get around replacing it before the three months when it should be tossed.  

What I found that does help is reaching for a tissue and gently rubbing the mascara wand against it first before applying does seem to work for lessening the chance of clumps.

However, if you want to better your odds of avoiding a clumping mascara formula entirely, you might want to stick to a lengthening mascara in place of one meant to thicken.  The reason for this is because it’s a thinner formula that is less likely to gel up on you.

Just in case, you find the thinner formula is too wet after you get it on, this is easy to fix.  Again, get another tissue and press it gently against the lashes.  By doing so, you’ll absorb the excess.

I hope that you try this makeup trick because it has never let me down yet!  


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