Oily Salt Body Buffing Recipe for the Silkiest Skin Ever


Sexy legs Illustrating Oily Salt Body Buffing Recipe for Silkiest Skin Ever
You will be kicking up your heels with joy once you try this.


Whenever I get the chance, I love pampering myself with a fragrant essential oil that will keep my skin soft and as smooth as satin. However, when I can accomplish three tasks at once like using this oily salt body buffing recipe to exfoliate  and soften while I’m at it and improve my spirits as I go about it, then I am one happy woman.

The recipe that I want to share for my oily salt body buffing is easy to create with just a few ingredients using equal portions (about three tablespoons) of oil to the salt followed by two drops of lavender essential oil for an added aromatherapy effect.

Though you can use olive oil, sweet almond oil, I usually prefer grapeseed oil when I make this oily body buffing recipe because of the extra intensive help it seems to give my skin due to its fatty acids and vitamin E.

Another ingredient is sea salt.  It will be more expensive than table salt, but it is worth it since it is rich in minerals and trace elements for maintaining better cellular function for healing the skin unlike processed salt.

You also will need a few drops of lavender essential oil, which is my favorite essential oil since you can use it a bit more freely without worrying how much carrier oil that you need to use safely.

After you prepare your mixture, you will need to head to your bathroom because this ritual is a messy process.  Step into your tub with this mixture and rub the oily salt body buffing recipe all over your dry skin, paying particular attention to your rough areas first, then rinsing off before showering or bathing as usual.

By the time you finish with some water droplets still clinging to you, hurry and apply a rich body lotion or cream while you’re still damp.   Your body will be nicely exfoliated and silkier than you can ever imagine.



  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    May 19, 2016 / 1:48 am

    I wonder if this would work well on my really rough heels.

  2. Mary Balandiat (Nuts 4 Stuff)
    May 22, 2016 / 12:52 pm

    Hi,It use this on my entire body. It does work on heels nicely for me. Try it and tell me how you made out.

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