New Luminess Air Mystic Foundation Kit Review


New Luminess Air Mystic Foundation Kit of seven cosmetics
New Luminess Air Mystic Foundation Kit


I had never used an airbrush makeup system until Luminess Air reached out.  It does take practice to operate the stylus and know how to shoot that pen to get that foundation on just right.  Still, once you master your technique, you will love how close your face comes to near perfection just from spraying thin layers of foundation.  Therefore, when the company contacted me again about their new Luminess Air Mystic foundation kit that also has concealer and corrector in one, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Luminess Air Mystic Foundation Makeup System Compressor
Luminess Air Makeup System Compressor


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If you could further blur out imperfections and perfect with dewy, luminous coverage that also keep you looking flawless for up to 18 hours as Luminess Air claims, I was even more excited to pull out my airbrush makeup system and experiment. This especially held true since this new Mystic formula seemed ideal for keeping a face beautiful through hot, sticky summer temperatures, being a mineral water-based foundation that is free of oil, fragrance and paraben while also being water-resistant and able to take humidity.

What I received in this new Luminess Air Mystic Foundation kit was two shades of Mystic Foundation, Oil -Free Fotoset Pro Face Primer, CC+ Airbrush Concealer, Airbrush Translucent Finishing Powder, Airbrush Lip Gloss, and a tube of Infinity Long-Wear Mascara.

After I lightly sprayed some of the Oil-Free Fotoset Pro Face Primer, I mixed about four drops of the Shade 2 with two drops of Shade 1 into the cup of the system’s attached stylus, which I already had turned on.  Make sure to give the bottles a brisk shaking first before pouring some in because they do separate.

Once those two shades finished bubbling up, I knew the foundations were well mixed.  I aimed the pen about six inches from my face before slowing releasing the trigger and moving my hand in a circular motion.

The Mystic foundation did refine my complexion nicely.  The product felt weightless and practically bare against my skin.  The only problem was the color was a bit too pale once mixing.  Shade 2 had the amount of color that I needed but it also had more pink than I normally wear most often.  The Shade 1 (the beige color ) had the warmth I wanted, but it was too white.  I just wish that the company developed a light beige shade for us, fair but warm-toned ladies, that would be in between Shade 1 (palest beige) and Shade 3 (darker beige) when putting together their kits.

The CC+ Airbrush Concealer was in Ivory.  Applying this was tricky for me because I hated to get too close and accidentally spray myself in the eye.  What I did was close one eye at a time and slowly released the pen a little further down than directly under the eye and then gently patted where I needed. This was the best and safest method that I found for using this product, which did lighten up the darkness without settling into fine lines.

Another time I applied some directly to my little finger and patted the concealer where it needed coverage.

The Infinity Long-Wear Mascara will surprise you in how long and darkly lush your lashes can become. This waterproof formula was easy to build upon without clumping or irritating even sensitive eyes like mine.

Now that face was made up, I got to try out their Airbrush Translucent Finishing Powder.  This tube had a handy brush that the powder filters through to keep the foundation lasting with a velvet smooth finish.

At this stage, I was ready to do my lips.  I got a tube of the Airbrush Lip Gloss in LG 7.  This shade of their lip gloss pen is a flattering cool, light lilac-mauve that feels incredibly moisturizing and lends a lovely natural color with a shine to it.

If you have been having trouble with makeup always settling into your fine lines and wrinkles, I think you might want to consider airbrush makeup like Luminess Air and the new Mystic Foundation Kit. It might take you a while to figure how to operate your stylus or even get the best matches of foundation.This way of doing makeup helps skin look younger because of how fine the foundation goes on over a heavier application that always does somehow manage to find those creases for the most part.

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