10 Skin Care Rules for Beautiful Skin

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This beauty doesn’t take her skin for granted.

Even the most advanced formula of skin care at your disposal has its limit in what it can do to perfect your complexion.  Other factors are also involved.  Hopefully, you are already aware and doing these simple ten things to insure your beauty flourishes.  But if not, then add the following 10 skin care rules of beautiful skin to your life because they do make a difference over time in how your complexion will look.

10 Skin Care Rules of Beautiful Skin to Never Forget

1.  You might start by wearing a sunscreen that protects against UVA aging rays and UVB burning rays.  Most dermatologists as well as the American Academy of Dermatology recommend an SPF of 30 is ideal since it can handle 97% of UVB rays.

2.  Keep the skin of your eyes younger as well by making it a habit to wear sunglasses that also have UVA and UVB protection.

3.  Try to avoid smoking because it robs the skin of oxygen that can give your complexion a sickly, yellowish color.

4.  Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to your skin.  Try to limit yourself because the more you drink, the more it will dehydrate your complexion.

5.  Stress is another destroyer of great looking skin. It releases chemicals in the body to prevent nutrients and oxygen from surfacing to the skin.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, but a real one with problems. Therefore, the better that you can learn to cope and adjust to any taxing situation, the younger and healthier your skin will look.

6.  Try to drink water instead of just coffee, teas, juices, and carbonated beverages.  Six to eight glasses that are the eight-ounce size can help to flush out toxins and impurities for fresher and a more hydrated complexion.

7.  Exercising also can help beautify your skin.  Think of how your face looks like when you exert yourself. Activity that increases your heart rate give blood and nutrients along with oxygen a healthy push through your system as they move.  You don’t have to be an exercise freak, but give yourself at least ten minutes in a brisk walk, run to your bus stop or car, etc. just to get your heart pumping can help invigorate your complexion.

8.  Sleep is also very important.  Most of us hardly get enough with all the demands on our life, but you should get at least eight hours a night. After all, this is the time when your body does its repair work to improve the look of your skin.

9.  Your diet also has a lot to do with the appearance of your skin.  When you eat nothing but “junk” over healthier, real food, your skin suffers as well.  The best thing that you can do is try eating a healthier, well-balanced diet.

10. One other thing that you can do to save your skin is by taking a warm bath or shower instead of using too hot of water.  The hotter the water, the more it can dehydrate and irritate the skin.

Bubble baths are wonderful, but some formulas can overly dry the skin.  Others may have strong fragrances or potentially irritating detergents that can cause an allergic reaction or even an urinary infection so use wisely before dumping too much in.

Now that you know a bit more about the 10 skin care rules of beautiful skin, your complexion has a better chance to wow!



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