Terra Bella Box May 2016 Review


Terra Bella Box May 2016.
Terra Bella Box May 2016


Often, the best approach to beauty is the simplest.  Giving your body, face, and hair only what it needs through natural beauty products instead of a long list of extra chemical ingredients is an alternative that health-conscious beauties are taking.  If you are one, then a natural beauty subscription like the Terra Bella Box can take the stress out of analyzing every beauty product label before you bring it home.

This subscription box delivers five to six handmade beauty products for a cost of $34.95 plus shipping. An informative card also comes with details on each item, usage, value and a link to each manufacturer’s website to buy or explore other products they you may want to order again.

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Once I unwrapped all the tissue and bubble wrap guarding the contents, I found Terra Bella Box May 2016 was another wonderful assortment that I was eager to try.  Check out what arrived.  If you missed last month’s review, here is what Terra Bella Box April 2016 was like.


Terra Bella Box May 2016


1.  Klen Shower Steamer in Happy (full size)——————————————$3.99

2.  Orglamix Blacquer Shadow + Liner (full size)————————————-$18.00

3.  Orglamix Eco Chic Bent Eyeliner Makeup Brush———————————$7.50

4.  Purelygreat Cream Deodorant in Lavender (full size)—————————$15.00

5.  Woolin & Co. Handcrafted Soap in Ylang Ylang & Geranium (full size)—–$7.00

6.  Meraki Botanicals Rose Lemongrass Toning Mist (full size)——————-$20.00


Total Value: $71.49!


This was the first time that I ever tried a Klen Aromatherapy Shower Steamer. I had to jump in the shower a few hours after this box arrived because that intoxicating scent was too hard to resist.  I just unwrapped and parked this steamer on the shower floor and allowed the steam to do the rest as water hit and released its essential oils, turning my shower almost into a spa for me.

The Orglamix Blacquer Shadow + Liner is an emollient-rich, waterproof cream that you can serve as a primer, shadow and liner.  I didn’t try this one yet, but I will soon.  I also got an Orglamix Bent Eyeliner Brush to apply it with.  Having used a similar brush, this one should make the line that much more precise.

The Purelygreat Cream Deodorant was a nice discovery with its lavender scent that proved effective through the hours of my day.  I really liked this gentle formula.

The Woolin & Co. Handcrafted Soap was another delight when I bathed with it.  Its floral scent brought a flower garden to my tub while its moisturizing formula pampered my skin with its essential oils and triple butter blend.

Finally, I found a bottle of Meraki Botanicals Rose Lemongrass Toning Mist.  With its rose lemongrass, witch hazel, antibacterial rose hydrosol, this product is better suited for someone with a more oily complexion than dry like mine with its astringent powers. Those with combination or normal skin would also appreciate this formula.

I thought Terra Bella Box for May 2016 had a lot to offer in appeal, value, and variety.  Do  visit this natural beauty subscription and give Terra Bella Box a try!



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  1. VickieC
    May 17, 2016 / 8:53 am

    sounds like you got a very nice box full of nice goodies

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