Ways to Overcome Morning Rush That Only Ages You

Angry woman pointing her finger to Illustrate Ways to Overcome Morning Rush That Only Ages You
Anger and frustration can speed up aging.


Mornings can be chaotic when you have everyone leaving the house at the same time causing more stress than we need.  Besides raising blood pressure exerting needless energy hurrying through preparing breakfast, packing lunches, dressing, and seeing that each family member has what they need for the day before walking out the front door can exhaust the body and mind. It also can make us use facial muscles to bring about earlier wrinkling if done often enough.  However, a few changes to your morning routine can be all it takes to stop that unhealthy, aging cycle to overcome morning rush.

Having a Strategy Can Help Overcome Morning Rush

Make sure everyone has the clothes they intend to wear that day laid out the night before. Inspect all items for missing buttons, broken zippers, rips or spots before doing so.  Finding last-minute clothing problems is time consuming and frustrating, especially if you don’t have the right colors or another such piece at the time.

The same advice holds true for making sure homework assignments or due library books, etc. is in backpacks before bedtime. Park those essentials along your normal escape route as well as briefcases where they won’t be forgotten.

After doing your dinner dishes, set the table for breakfast with what you’ll need.  If you normally eat dry cereal, keep that box handy as well.  Then again, you might prefer a cooked breakfast like oatmeal or eggs. Therefore, I always will keep my frying pan and mixing bowl out on those scrambled eggs days along with having my oil handy and toaster.

Cooked oatmeal at our house involves cooking oats from scratch instead of pulling out those packets of instant cooked oatmeal that can taste pasty.  Oatmeal days call for bringing down my container of quick oats, measuring cups and the pot that I cook it in on my kitchen counter. All I’m saying is deciding on a breakfast choice the night before and some initial prep saves time that you could be using sleeping a few more minutes or enjoying through better digestion from a more relaxed breakfast.

Pack lunches the night before and have them ready to grab from your refrigerator in the morning for family members that need them along with their drinks.

Another helpful thing that I do is to fill my coffee maker with the water and the coffee the night before so whoever jumps out of bed first plugs in the coffee maker before the bathroom.

My first order of business when I make it to the kitchen is to turn on the television for the weather to see if umbrellas or different coats, hats, etc. are called for while throwing in all lunches.

If your house doesn’t have a lot of bathrooms and the family likes to use it at the same time, then you could try waking them up a few minutes apart to overcome morning rush.  This way another can be in the bathroom while the first one is already starting to dress before heading to the kitchen for breakfast.

I hope that you try these tips to overcome morning rush that I suggested.  They do help a morning run smoother so you can eliminate all that aging stress.



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  1. sheila ressel
    June 2, 2016 / 11:04 am

    Great tips. Hopefully I can implement some of them and reduce the stress of my mornings.

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