How to Put Eyeliner on More Precisely

How to Put Eyeliner on More Precisely Woman Wearing Eyeliner
This beauty knows how to lay down a thin line.


Though some like a thick, heavy line around the eye, I prefer keeping my daytime look more natural with a thinner line.  Of course, if you do it with a pencil eyeliner, then laying down that line is easier to control or for smudging away any mistakes. On the other hand, liquid and gel eye liners that I also use, but more for nights are more complicated, especially if you’re trying not to overdo and exaggerate the eye when using eyeliner.

I originally shared how to pencil in your own pattern before going over it with your liquid or gel liner. This can give you a nice line–that is, if you can draw  it skinny enough and keep your hand steady.

Another eyeliner suggestion I have is when using liquids or gel liners is moving across the lid gradually, instead of trying to make one line.  Start by your tear duct and almost dot in your line moving along to the outside corner of the eye.  Later, you can always play connecting the dots on your lids to fill in between.  Doing it in this fashion, works wonderfully for creating a more precise, thinner line more effortlessly.

What I do when I want to add more drama with a thicker line for nights is to make those dots of liquid or gel liner just a bit bigger.  The end result once you join them together is a bolder, heavier line.

I hope you try this makeup trick for working with eyeliner because it helps apply a better line, whether thick or thin.



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