Under Eye Darkness Solutions That Help

Woman with under eye darkness hiding part of her face behind a door
This beauty won’t be hiding that lovely face now that she’s aware of these under eye darkness solutions.


Whether you blame under eye darkness from lack of sleep, heredity, too much sun exposure that causes the discoloration from melanin that is released, the aging process due to thinner skin in the area with fewer deposits of fat and collagen that formerly hid the blood vessels or allergies, it is one of the biggest problems most of us complain about.  Living with allergies over the years has forced me to become somewhat of an expert in the art of concealment.  What I am sharing with you with under eye darkness solutions is through my accumulated experience of what worked the best in my case.

Under Eye Darkness Solutions Start by Considering the Amount of Darkness and Color

The blacker the darkness is, the more that you might want a heavier formula than a sheerer one that often can come in a wand.  Consider the color just one shade lighter than your skin tone.  Avoid the mistake of trying to whiten the darkness out with too pale of a color because it will only ring the eyes with a white cast instead.

What works the best for me on those days when I see a lot of dark blue-purple beneath my eyes is opting for one that has light peach to it.  Though you may be satisfied with the coverage, I always think that a formula with light-reflecting pigments does more than just conceal as it brightens up the area.

Take Advantage of Tools for Under Eye Darkness Solutions

Invest in a concealer brush because it will allow you to ideally place coverage where a finger can be clumsy. The brush will give you more control than that finger ever could to maneuver in tight spaces near the corner of the eye.  I found using a narrow, firm brush with a tapered flat head works the best.

However, if you need to use your finger, stick to just the little finger because it won’t put as much pressure as you work on that fragile skin.  Besides, it is a better fit for this purpose.  Make sure to gently pat the concealer as your finger moves along its path.  After all, you want the product to stay put to do the job instead of transferring to your finger.

If you notice the concealer caking in your fine lines, the formula probably is too thick.  What you can do is slightly dampen your finger and gently smooth it over.

I never thought dabbing some loose powder was as important as it is for keeping concealer in place, but it makes all the difference when discussing under eye darkness solutions.  Champagne highlighting powder can further brighten up the skin while locking the product in place wonderfully.

When the darkness is especially at its worst, I found you do something else to distract away from it. What I do is to concentrate attention to focus elsewhere on my face.  Try using a brighter lipstick or shade of blush that day will pull eyes more to where you look better.

For more helpful information on the subject of under eye darkness solutions and concealing dark circles, do read my previous post on techniques that I picked up over time.


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  1. Brenda
    June 8, 2016 / 12:00 am

    Those are all wonderful tips! I really like the one about putting emphasis on another part of your face so people won't be drawn to your eyes. Sounds like a great idea after a long, sleepless night.

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