How to Change the Texture of Your Blush for a More Youthful, Dewy Glow

makeup products with cream blush.jpeg
Age or skin type can benefit  simply by changing the texture of your blush!

The more we age, the more we keep needing to rethink our makeup and skin care products to adapt to our changing faces as they tend to dull, lose elasticity and often dry.  Perhaps, you have been noticing that some blush shades that you used to wear now seem too harsh and exaggerate problem areas.  If so, I have a great way solution that can easily change all that for you by customizing your own blush mix to mute the color for a softer, healthy glow.

To do this, you need a cream blush and tinted moisturizer.  Though any tinted moisturizer will do, I found the illuminating formulas are especially wonderful for adding radiance.

What you can do is mix some of each the cream blush and tinted moisturizer in the palm of your hand so you’ll have enough for both cheeks, then apply and blend with your foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer that you wear.  The end product that you’ll see once you glance into the mirror is a beautiful, more translucent effect that will be much kinder to your face.

Regardless of how old you are, anyone with a dry complexion can benefit from this makeup trick as well.  Try my makeup tip because it does help take some years off and who doesn’t love that?


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