How to Fix Hair Serum Overload Quickly

How to Fix Hair Serum Overload Quickly Woman With Hair Serum Overload
This beauty will never experience this problem again now that she knows the fix.


Perhaps, you started a new brand of hair serum.  You apply some just as you would normally like your last brand, but somehow it doesn’t add the same amount of gloss.  Frustrated now, you decide to apply just a little more, hoping it would finally provide that glistening shine that you were promised. The only problem is instead of making the hair look better, but you got the opposite.  Your hair now looks greasy.  So what are your options when faced with hair serum overload when in a rush?

You might be tempted to give yourself a fresh wet or dry shampoo and start all over after a hair serum overload, but you are short on time.  Still, there is a quick way to get that rid of that slickness that you may not have thought of–-hair spray!  Hair spray can get that greasy gunk out of your strands because of its ability to absorb oil.  However, the only variety that is capable of the job is a non-aerosol pump spray since the product won’t instantly evaporate like the fine mist that aerosols deliver.

The next time you find yourself in this predicament of hair serum overload, the easiest thing to do is to divide your hair in sections and then spray one area at a time.  Before you move on, take out your hair dryer and blast it for about a minute or so.  This does help clean up the hair very nicely.

I hope that you don’t need to use this hair tip to rectify a hair serum overload, but it is good to know just in case this does happen.  To prevent this hair tragedy in the first place, you might want to read my earlier post on how best to apply hair serums.


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