How to Select Great Tasting, Figure and Skin Beneficial Melons

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This beauty knows and appreciates the benefits of eating melons!

Fresh melons are abundant right now and friends of your figure, skin, and overall health with all their vitamins and minerals that they provide.  However, they can be confusing when you are trying to pick out a good one.  

When you are looking for a ripe watermelon, you want one that has more of a nice, uniform shape and a creamy yellow underside.  Those that are all green in color haven’t fully ripened.  The bit of yellow at the bottom is a sign that the melon had a chance to better mature for as long as it sat on the ground.  Another sign of sweetness is looking for marks where a bee might have stung it.  Some people like to tap their melon to tell if it is ripe.  I never had much luck with that method, but my friend swears by it.  If you hit that watermelon and hear somewhat of a hollow sound, then this is another indicator of a good melon.

Watermelons not only have ample vitamin C and A that you can get a fifth of your recommended daily supply, but are low in calories with 46 per cup so you can enjoy snacking and dessert more freely.  This fruit cleanses the toxins.  Equally impressive is that this particular melon doesn’t cause bloating like what you can experience when eating peaches or plums with the way it breaks down the sugars in your system.

Cantaloupes, on the other hand, need a different sort of inspection.  What you want to do is carefully examine the indented area where the stem was.  If that stem end fails to look sunk in enough, then pass that one by because it is not fully developed.  It should have stayed on the vine longer!

What I really love about cantaloupes is what it can do for your skin with all its antioxidant power and carotenoids for beauty for protecting and renewing tissues, but also for its anti-inflammatory phytonutrients for general health.  

To pick out a great honeydew melon, make sure that the rind has an even texture with white, pale green or some yellow color to it.  Those that like to judge a melon by smell, a good honeydew is one that has somewhat of a light fruity aroma.  Avoid ones that are overly fragrant or have a hard stem end.  You want to find a bit of softness near the stem.

Besides having just 60 calories per cup, honeydews are just helpful for your system as watermelon with all the water this melon contains.  Believe it or not, honeydews and bananas are comparable in potassium. They also are rich in B vitamins like thiamine (B1), niacin (B3),  pantothenic acid (B5), including copper to further benefit your complexion.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of what the melon has to offer with their healthy deliciousness and nutritional capabilities for what they can do for our bodies and skin!


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  1. Brenda
    June 25, 2016 / 11:50 pm

    I never knew the melons helped your skin too. Thanks for that great info! We've been eating melons just about every week this summer, so I'm glad it has additional benefits that I didn't realize.

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