Best Ways to Protect and Relieve a Mosquito Bite


mosquito on leaf
Protect yourself because the effects of mosquitos are far from beautiful.  


Warm weather is a wonderful change from freezing temperatures for many of us that have winter to deal with.  However, it also means it’s mosquito season.  Itching from a mosquito bite is never pleasant, but it also can have serious health effects or even death once a mosquito gets a taste of you.  This year, we need to be especially careful now that Zika is on the rise.

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and family is to get rid of standing water around your home and property since this is where mosquitos breed.  Did you know that one mosquito can lay 250 eggs at a time that can hatch anywhere from 7 to 15 days?  Therefore, don’t give them a chance by dumping rain water that may have accumulated in any open containers or covering what you can. Below are some useful tips for you to guard yourself and family from the consequence of a mosquito bite.

Mosquito Bite Prevention Starts Outdoors

If you have a recycling container for your cans, bottles, etc., make sure to check it after the rain and pour out the water, including what you find in each can or open bottle. Leaving water is an invitation to mosquitos to increase the likelihood of a mosquito bite.

Trash containers also need attention.  Water can collect around their lids so be sure to make an inspection after it rains as well.

Mosquitos love breeding in old tires, even the ones some people use ornamentally in their yards to grow flowers.  Rain fills up in the crevices to invite mosquitoes.

Those that have a pond or a water garden on their property need fish.  Besides Goldfish and Koi, you might want to think of looking into a species known as the Mosquito Fish, which can consume large quantities of insect larvae.

A lot of people like to collect rain water for their gardens, which can spell trouble.  If you happen to have a barrel outside under your downspout, be sure to cover it.

Bird baths are another source that can be potential trouble to increase the chance of a mosquito bite.  I am not saying to deny our bird friends a drink, but merely to cover or dump the water from the bowl at night.

For those times when you plan to do a lot yard work, remember to take precautions to safeguard from a mosquito bite.  There are several options that you might want to consider from the clothes you wear to products for this purpose like a chemical mosquito repellent like DEET, Picaridin (also referred to as KBR 3023, Bayrepel, and icaridin) or formulas that contain either of those or products with IR3535.  Though they can be hot while working, long sleeves and long pants can protect vulnerable skin from mosquitoes better than exposed arms or legs wearing sleeveless blouses, T-shirts or shorts.

Of course, you also go the natural route and try oil of lemon eucalyptus.  The essential oil form is known as OLE and is said to be just as effective for preventing mosquito bites as those commercial products that contain small concentrations of DEET. By the way, the pure OLE form is not recommended for use on children less than three according to the CDC.

However, you may want to think about picking up the commercial form of oil of lemon eucalyptus called PMD over the pure  natural oil of lemon eucalyptus form (OLE ).  The PMD made in the lab has tested for warding off mosquito bites for two hours at a time unlike the OLE.

Just a word of caution, before using any essential oils do learn how to properly work with them. Understanding how to dilute them and finding out if they are safe for the ages and health conditions for you or members of your family first. Otherwise, you could suffer health effects like an allergy that may never leave you.

Oil of citronella products can give some minimal protection.  Essential oils like lavender essential oil and oil of clove may also help.

Mosquito Bite Relief

Then again, if the worst happens and you get a mosquito bite, here are some solutions to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Ice can help bring that itchy bump down.

Also, try one tablespoon of Epsom salts to dissolve in a quart of hot water.  Once it cools off, immerse a clean cloth into this brew and place it over the mosquito bite for a few minutes.

Though you can’t stop the mosquito, you can do these little things that can help keep you and your family safe and beautiful in body and spirit!



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