Oily Skin Blush Trick for Better Wear!


Blush for Oily Skin Blush Trick for Better Wear
If your blush keeps ending up in an oily section, try this trick because it will help.


My complexion used to be a lot oiler than it is now so I understand how frustrating it can be trying to wear makeup without looking greasy an hour or two later.   Yesterday, I shared some makeup tips on how to stay fresher longer if you have too much oil in your complexion.  If an excessively oily complexion is your problem,  I neglected to give you this blush trick for oily skin that can help with staying power and any problems you might have if you’ve been experiencing powder blush always clinging to your oily spots.

To easily remedy this, here is my oily skin blush trick that you simply must try to believe.  Instead of just applying the powder blush directly over your foundation before dusting with loose powder, you might want to try a little of the powder first and then sweeping on the blush before finishing with more loose powder over it and the rest of your face as usual.

Since you might be breaking out due to the oil or acne, you also might want to check your blush ingredients for D & C red dyes.  Those particular dyes clog follicles that can only make the skin worse so you may want to replace your current blush as well. Sometimes, just checking the ingredients for those suspect skin offenders can make all the difference in the beauty and appearance of how your blush wears. Therefore, scanning the product label before buying a new blush is an important blush trick for oily skin that is worth remembering.

I hope these few blush trick for oily skin help for you as much as it did me when I was suffering with that type of complexion.



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