Why You Want to Avoid Lip Gloss When in the Sun

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Red lips, especially orange-toned reds, are huge this summer 2016, but wear them wear.


Though lip gloss can beautifully enhance lips, you may want to avoid this particular lip product if you plan on spending some time in the sun.  The reason is how its shine can more easily attract the sun’s rays compared to a less reflective matte, cream or lacquer lipstick. Those can obstruct that light a bit more, but not totally.

Of course, you need not worry if your lip gloss or lipstick happens to have SPF protection.  However, you may want to buy a fresh tube since sunscreen in that lip product may have lost its effectiveness since you originally bought it.  This is another cause of why you want to avoid lip gloss when in the sun because the SPF in your old lip gloss has lost its sun protection.

What else that you can do is to buy is a lip balm with SPF to layer under your lipsticks. This is another way that you can keep your lips safe. Just from your same old stash of lipsticks, you can get a multitude of new lip color looks simply by sheering them out.  Be as creative as you like to use one shade or several colors to change at will like a chameleon!

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  1. Brenda
    June 27, 2016 / 3:11 am

    I never thought about lip gloss being a bad thing to wear in the summer. I'll have to check mine to see if it has SPF protection. Thanks for the advice.

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