Why You May Want to Pay More Attention to Detoxifying Agents in Anti-Aging Creams When It Comes to Looking Younger

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Taking preventative steps is important.

You may be thinking that you’re doing everything possible to beat the aging clock with the latest anti-aging skin care products.  Even though you are vigilant and slather on plenty of beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, what if I told you that there may be even more that you can do by firing up a certain enzyme called proteasome.  

What this particular enzyme is able to do is remarkable in how it can deep clean and repair cell damage from accumulated oxidized proteins that age us over time.  

When you are scanning those anti-aging creams and serums for ingredients, you might keep a close eye out for ingredients like alpha longoza, tocopherol (vitamin E), phaeodactylum algae extract, and amino lumine that can help speed up protesasome production to trigger that desired skin response that we all hope to see.


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