Why Your Workout Shoe Matters for Weight Loss Efforts

woman jogging in fitness clothes and workout shoes
This beauty knows a comfortable fit can help her extend her run or workout.


If you want to perfect your body and get in shape, then you might be thinking about new sneakers. Despite a hefty price of the style that you like, there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right workout shoes. Otherwise, you could be shortchanging yourself from your best workout in ill-fitting shoes.

Consider Toe Box Design When Choosing Workout Shoes

You want a shoe that gives you ample toe room through all that moving that you’re going to do.  After all, you don’t want your toes banging against the front of the shoe if the toe box is too short or too angled.  Instead, give yourself a little extra room to take that impact from all those varied movements.

How much extra toe room is enough?A good length to aim for is a size about the width of your thumb.  A broader toe box also is a better bet for comfort through your workout because the toes won’t be pressed so closely together as a more angled toe box.  If you keep that design of the toe area in mind, you are more likely to make a better selection of workout shoes.

Natural Inner Materials for Steppers Make for Better Workout Shoes

Shoes that have leather steppers are always better for feet since they allow them to breathe more over synthetic materials, which hold sweat in.

Be sure to always shop dressing the sore areas of your feet such as corns, bunions, heels, etc. before you buy that shoe. The shoe may fit differently with your protective wear or that bandage with adhesive tape that you will be wearing through your workout than just trying the shoe on without them.

You may think these few pointers when thinking of buying workout shoes don’t amount to much-–that is until you do your workout.  Your feet will thank you!



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