Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies Review

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Gimmee Jimmy's two-pound assorted cookies and rugelach Tin.jpeg
Gimmee Jimmy’s Two-Pounds of Assorted Cookies and Rugelach

Recently, I was approached about reviewing a cookie assortment from Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies. Of course, it sounded too delicious to resist so I accepted the task to devour their freshly baked cookies and rugelach and share my opinion.

This tin was full of very soft, moist cookies that had a wonderful taste, but unfortunately did not ship well for the most part.  Some were broken already or later would fall apart once you went to sample.  What held up much better was their Chocolate and Cinnamon Rugelach, which were firmer than the others such as the Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Chip, M & M cookies, and their Marble cookies.  Regardless, they really had a great, rich taste. 

You can find and explore what they have to offer at Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies


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