How to Avoid Buying a Skin Oxidizing Foundation


How to Avoid Buying a Skin Oxidizing Foundation cream foundation makeup
Sampling foundation first and correctly makes a big difference.


Some of us have more problems with foundations that keep oxidizing once worn due to excessive oil in their complexions.  If you experience this skin oxidation problem when wearing foundation and are tired of trying to adjust the formula or habitually needing to return it, then I have a suggestion that can better your odds for making a selection that won’t turn orange on you.  Here is some useful advice when shopping on how to better select a non-oxidizing foundation makeup and avoid this from happening again because of your skin type.

You may want to try shopping for a cream foundation over a liquid formula and sample it first.  When you’re at the cosmetic counter, don’t just let someone apply the foundation directly to your face because it will not benefit you in this way.  The foundation needs to be warmed first–-not on the salesperson or makeup artist, but on your own skin.  Skin oxidation occurs because the room temperature of the foundation formula is different from your body.  Once you prep that foundation, only then can it be ready to test.

The simple fix is to sample a bit of the foundation on the hand while you smear it around to warm it. The ideal spot for this purpose is the outside section between the thumb and index finger, which gives enough unmarred skin to work with.  After you warm that foundation, wait a few minutes to see it changes once mixed with your skin’s oils to test for any signs of skin oxidation.  It should show you a truer color of what you might expect from that new foundation to help you determine whether you want to buy it.

Better still, now that you properly prepped that sample, you may want to apply it to a clean area of your face. Go outdoors or, perhaps, do more shopping and then check in the mirror again after more time before making your final decision.

I hope that you take my makeup tip to heart because it does work to avoid skin oxidation!  For more on solving the “orange” problem of your foundations, do read my earlier post with additional help on makeup oxidation.


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