How to Best Choose an Eye Cream or Serum

 Revitalizing Eye Cream Treatment
Know the capabilities of eye cream and serums by always reading the label for ingredients.


Sometimes, we expect more from an eye cream or serum than it is capable of. Does this mean the product was lacking somehow?  Of course, you can never rule that possibility out. However, the real fault may be that you just bought an eye cream or serum without considering the purpose that you want it for first.

Deciphering Eye Cream or Serum Ingredients for Specific Needs Can Give Better Results

Researching the label of your eye cream or serum can make you a more informed skin care buyer. When you learn what type of ingredient can best help address your eye skin care concerns, then you avoid an eye cream or serum that probably will end up failing you.

For example, if you have darkness under the eyes and hope to address that problem, then you need ingredients that can help in draining that pooled up blood causing it.  Ones that contain vitamin K or kojii acid can be up to the brightening task.

On the other hand, puffiness could be another issue.  Ingredients that can firm up the eye area are ones such as caffeine, copper, retinol, AHA, and vitamin C.

Ingredients such as caffeine can do several improvements for the appearance of your eyes.  Besides deflating puffiness, but they also lighten under eye darkness with how they constrict the blood vessels to contain blood flow.

Now that you are in the know, hopefully you’ll wake up with more beautiful eyes!

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