How to Give Any Cream Lipstick a Matte Finish

woman wearing matte lipstick.jpeg
A world of new matte lipstick looks await you once you know what to do.

If you’re trying to modernize your lip look, matte lips are the way to go.  Though it is always fun to shop for new lipsticks, I want to show you a makeup trick of how to use the ones that you have so they give you that trendy, matte finish.  After you read this post, you will have discovered a multitude of new lip color possibilities just from being creative with your current cream lipstick stash.

What I suggest is taking a box of tissues, cotton swabs, your makeup bag with your lipsticks, loose translucent powder, and eye shadows and get comfortable at your vanity or in front of a mirror.  Pull one out and put some on.  Once you finish capping that lipstick, reach for a tissue and separate it.  

Gently, press that single sheet over your freshly coated lips. Don’t smack your lips together because you need the lipstick intact for what comes next.  Now, pull out your loose translucent powder and brush some on top of the tissue.  Afterwards, lift the tissue.  You’ll notice the color changed.  To build the intensity of the matte effect, repeat with another application of the same or another cream lipstick and dusting with more powder.

Your ingenuity knows no bounds.  Another interesting way to alter that lipstick is with pressed eye shadows.   Use cotton swabs for this and save yourself the trouble of washing any loaded brush or applicator later that you lay over the lipstick.  Blot with the single sheet of tissue and deepen in the same way as the first method.

I hope that you experiment with this lipstick trick because you’ll love it.


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