How to Reattach a Broken Lipstick!

 How to Reattach a Broken Lipstick Woman Wearing Lipstick
This beauty is surprised how easily it was to repair a broken lipstick.


Yesterday, I shared how to salvage your broken compacts and palettes of dry powder cosmetics like eye shadow, blush, bronzing, finishing, highlighting, and setting powders to keep on using them.  Today, I thought you might be interested in another helpful tip that happens to us from time to time regarding what to do with a damaged lipstick. Instead of throwing it away, here is how to repair broken lipstick.

What else that irritates me is when lipstick breaks as you swivel it up.  To solve this unneeded headache, you will need a match or lighter to repair broken lipstick.  All you need to do is heat up one end of lipstick and reattach with your fingers.  Keep a firm hold on the lipstick until it dries.  This solution may be messy but does the trick!

On the subject of lipstick, hot weather can be a problem for some formulas more than others, especially some natural brands.  You might want to consider storing them in your refrigerator to help prevent melting and ward off any potential break.


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