How to Salvage a Nearly Empty Lip Gloss

How to Salvage a Nearly Empty Lip Gloss Lip Glosses
Though you can always toss or go with a different gloss, this makeup tip can help stretch your usage.


Don’t you hate when you’re nearly finished with your makeup only to find that the favorite lip gloss that you wanted to wear is nearly gone once you take that applicator out?  In this situation, you usually have two choices of either tossing out the product or hunting through your lip products for a similar color. However, I have a better idea that helps get you out of this practically drained lip gloss fix that you’re going to love, especially when it delays disposing a prestige cosmetic prematurely. Here is a simple trick on how to salvage a nearly empty lip gloss for a makeup save.

The Dual Value of Salvaging Nearly Empty Lip Gloss

The price of some brands of lip gloss can be expensive. It can be especially painful to part with one when you can possibly get a bit more wear out of it. Therefore, all you need to do is to take the problem tube of lip gloss to a sink and run some hot water over it briefly for about a minute or so. Surprisingly enough, the warmth loosens the remaining gloss that always manages to cling to the sides, replenishing the supply.  If you follow this makeup tip, then you will get another few times out of that tube.

Trust me, but you’ll love how well this lip gloss tip works to salvage a nearly empty lip gloss.   Just get it a try and you’ll get more use from that product.


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