How to Use Eye Shadow to Shape and Alter Eyes

Pretty Woman Using Eye Shadow to Shape and Alter Eyes
This beauty knows how to shape and give her eyes even more impact!


Everyone has at least one great feature that they love more than others. For some, it may be a lush, full mouth that is just right but overly too large or crooked, perhaps, for their liking.  While we may see a well-portioned nose on one face may be irritating to another because it may tilt the wrong way or feel too wide. Eyes that have a certain sparkle may belong to someone that only can see, for instance, how small or wide-set they appear.  The truth is no one really is perfect or satisfied entirely with their looks. However, there is always a way that you can turn what you deem a flaw around like what you can do to shape and alter the appearance of your eyes to gain more impact.

Dark colors can make eyes recede.  Therefore, if you have small or droopy eyes then avoid using deep shades as your main lid color.  Instead, use a light shade on your lid to brighten the area first and bring the eye forward.  Just remember, you’ll have better results saving the dark eye shadow to shape the crease and place near the lash line to rim the eyes, if this is your concern. What you want to achieve is working that dark shade near the outer corner and blending inward toward the bridge of your nose.  Be sure to keep smoothing with your eye shadow brush in an outward direction to get the pigment laid down ideally. Shimmery pale neutral shades are especially effective for calling beautiful definition to small eyes.

If you feel that your eyes are too close together and want to create the illusion of more space, try placing some light shadow at the inner corners.  You will be surprised at how easily this trick works magic to do what you thought was formerly impossible.

Of course, you may feel that your eyes are farther apart than you like.  Try taking your eye shadow brush and confining dark shadow to a small strip over the lid from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

Eyes that protrude too much can be helped by using a medium to dark shadow and blending carefully just above the crease.  Highlight under the arch of the brow and stop there.   This will help angle the eye and give a better sense of balance.

Sometimes, we go overboard looking for flaws when they’re not really as bad as you think.  All you need is a little makeup knowledge on how to use eye shadow to shape eyes and you can have a new outlook!


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